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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Basement Space

A bar with an under the counter wine cabinet

For many people, attics and basements remain spaces in their homes that do not get much attention; often left unrenovated and resigned to a life as a storage space. Yet with people always looking for more space, converting your basement space into something fun for you and your family can greatly improve your home. We give you five ways to make the most of your basement!  


Perfect for the entertainer who loves having friends over for a drink, transforming your basement into a bar is every host’s dream. This can be in whatever style you wish; opting for a classy and sophisticated cocktail bar style, or more of a homely pub feel, complete with a pool table or dartboard. The bar area can be a gorgeous workstation for mixing cocktails and pouring drinks, made from either wood for a traditional feel or granite or quartz for a modern feel – with the bonus of being easy to clean any spills! Tuck an under-counter wine cabinet behind the bar to keep your favourite bottles at the perfect temperature for long-term storage between your events!



Home Cinema

A popular trend in home renovations at the moment is the installation of a home cinema. If you invest in a good quality projector, then setting up a cinema in your basement can be fairly easy to do! This can be a particularly good choice for basements that have slightly too low ceilings for you to walk around comfortably in. If you do decide to turn your basement into a cinema room, then it can be a good idea to consider adding in some soundproofing to reduce the noise heard upstairs. Aside from the projector, all you will really need is a couple of comfy chairs or sofas, some snacks and a great film collection! Home cinemas can also be made into general media rooms too, perfect for kids to play video games on a big screen.



Cosy Den

These days, our lives have so many distractions that sometimes it is nice to seek an escape from work and the online world. Turn your basement into a haven for you to get away to when you fancy a break. Craft a cosy den, filled with soft sofas and comfy armchairs, dotted with scattered cushions and throws for a truly relaxing space. Add bookshelves to create a secluded reading nook, or bring down a television to catch up with your favourite shows and films in pure comfort!



Hobby Space

Passionate about painting? Love crafting or collecting? Then a hobby room could be the thing for you! If you’re into creating art, no matter what form, the likelihood is that you will require some supplies, and as such, somewhere to store them. A hobby space can be a great way to keep all of your equipment safe, tidy and organised for when you next use it. Basements can provide the perfect space for all kinds of hobbies that do not require outdoor areas, such as writing, sewing or drawing. Alternatively, the space could be used to hold collections or house more intricate works such as model trains. If you are more into sporting hobbies or are looking to get fit, then this hobby space could also be transformed into a yoga studio or gym!



Wine Cellar

Lovers of wine will have dreamt of having a cellar full of bottles, beautifully stored and organised, from the moment they took that first sip of rich red or crisp white. As the name may suggest, wine cellars are destined to be in the basement or cellar! This is because, typically, basements are cooler than the rest of the house, making it the perfect space to store your wines. If you have a basement space in need of renovation, why not make these wine cellar dreams come true with the help of Tanglewood Wine!? We offer bespoke wine storage solutions to best fit the layout of your room, and any requirements you may have.


What would you most like to do with your basement? Let us know in the comments or via our social media channels!

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