Black Wine Becomes Latest Popular Wine Trend

Whether you are obsessed with everything wine, or just a casual sipper, it is quite likely that you will have a favourite colour - red, white or rose – but what if we were to tell you that another colour is actually on offer, and rapidly rising in popularity again!?

Dubbed ‘Goth Wine’ on social media, the black coloured beverage is taking the internet by storm, with many wine fans fascinated with the deep, dark shade. As the wine is being poured into the glass, you will be able to see the deep red tones, but as soon as it is settled, no colour will be apparent, resting as an inky, black colour.

For those on the path of natural living, there is no need to fear as there are no colourings added to the mix, it is simply just a very dark red colour. This colour usually comes from Saperavi grapes, which are typically grown in Georgia, although some are made using French Malbec grapes.

The Saperavi grape has been grown in Georgia for over 7000 years, making it one of the oldest grape varieties on Earth! Unlike most modern wines, which will be produced in wooden casks or steel tanks, the Saperavi grape is fermented using a method that has been employed for thousands of years; placing the grapes in clay pots buried beneath the ground.

Black wines certainly aren’t a new thing though, which you may have guessed from the fact that these grapes have been around for such a long time. In fact, the wine has been enjoyed by many throughout history, with Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine sipping on a lovely glass of Cahors wine during their wedding in 1152, while Peter the Great and Pope John XXII requested this type of wine for their communion!

Like all wines, the flavour of each bottle varies a great deal; however, black wines are commonly described as featuring hints of blackberry. While most wines taste best with a few years under their belt, wines made from the Saperavi grapes are actually intended to be drunk as soon after they are bottled as possible. Having said that, it isn’t too uncommon to find a bottle that is around ten to twenty years old!

Black wine is the latest in a long list of black coloured food and drink trends popularised on Instagram, which has previously seen squid ink bread, charcoal pizza and black juice rocket in popularity. Is this just a passing fad or will black wine stay on shop shelves and in our wine cellar forever? Let us know what you think of this trend via our social media channels!

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