7 Fun Facts About Wine

With such a long history of wine, it is no surprise that there are plenty of fun facts and interesting stories to be told relating to the drink. Here are some of our favourite fun facts about wine! 

Grape Juice Helped Wine Lovers Through The Prohibition

Prohibition throughout the 1920s in America led to alcohol drinkers seeking new and innovative ways to get hold of their favourite beverages. While some drinkers had to head to speakeasies and risk the effects of moonshine, wine lovers had a little helping hand from the makers of grape juice! Not restricted by Prohibition laws, grape juice sellers knew exactly what people’s intentions were, adding on a label that read ‘do not place the liquid in a jug in the cupboard for twenty days, because then it would turn into wine’! Due to this, grape juice sales quadrupled during this time.


Wine Could Help You Live to an Old Age

While we will take any excuse to drink a glass of wine a night, it certainly does sound promising when several individuals who have lived to the ripe old age of 100 have credited their longevity with a good sip of wine each night! In fact, the oldest woman in the world lived to 122 and was reported to regularly drink port and indulge on 1kg of chocolate a week! 

A PE Teacher is the Best Blind Taster In the World

Richard Juhlin, a former physical education teacher from Sweden, became renowned in the wine world for his very impressive wine identification at a famous Champagne tasting in 2003. Juhlin managed to identify 43 out of 50 wines correctly at the blind tasting, which is exceptional when you learn that the second place winner was only able to correctly identify four!


Music Affects Your Wine Choice

A study conducted in 1997 revealed that your choice of wine can be impacted by the music you hear while shopping. When French music was played, more bottles of French wine was sold, but when the music was swapped over to a German song, more German wine was sold! 

An Intruder Drank the Queen’s Wine

While you may think it would be fairly difficult to get past the armed guards and into Buckingham Palace, Michael Fagan managed to climb the 14-foot perimeter wall, climb up a drainpipe and enter the palace through a window in 1982 – not once, but twice! On one of his royal visits, he wandered the palace, sat on the throne and helped himself to a snack of cheddar cheese and crackers, washed down with half a bottle of white wine from the wine cellar.

White Wine Drinkers Get More Wine

A study by Cornell University’s Food Lab discovered that when pouring out a glass of wine, 9 percent more wine is added to a glass if you are drinking white wine than if you were drinking red! Perhaps the lighter colour of the wine makes the glass look less full?!

Hard to Pronounce Wines Sell Better

While wine enthusiasts will always declare that it is a bad idea to judge a bottle by its label, it appears that people simply do not listen! An experiment discovered that wine drinkers paid more money for wines that had hard to pronounce names. This was particularly the case for people who had knowledge of wines.

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