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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Wine Rack

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Wine Rack

Finding the right storage for your wine collection can sometimes be a daunting task, with so many factors to consider and options to decide between. To make this job a little easier for you, we have put together our first ultimate guide to choosing the right wooden wine rack.

Wine racks are often considered to be the traditional way to store wine in a home setting. For those who often have a few bottles lying around waiting to be drunk, storing wine horizontally ensures that the cork stays wet inside the bottle, preventing it from crumbling. While many wine fans would love one, wine cellars often just aren’t an option for the average home or small business, when there is little space free. Therefore, wine racks make a great alternative, with small racks available for above or below counter storage, or bigger racks able to be installed in dining rooms or bars.

Why should you pick a wooden rack?

Wooden wine racks offer a stable, sturdy and durable solution for wine storage. A wide variety of designs, shapes and styles can often be found, although oak tends to be a popular wood choice for more structured racks. Wooden racks are ideal for the home, providing a cost-effective way to keep your wine bottles safe and secure. With different wood types and wood stains, wine racks can easily blend in with a room’s design, matching the décor and pre-existing wood colours in the room. Unlike cabinets or cellars, wine racks can also be moved very easily, if you do ever want to move your wine collection to a different room, or even move house. Other than the occasional spot of dusting, and checking that the rack is still safe, secure and tightly put together, there is very little maintenance required to get the best from your wine storage.


How to choose a wine rack:

How many bottles do you want to store?

The most important question to ask yourself when considering which wine rack to buy is how many bottles you are likely to want to store at a time. If you rarely buy more wine than you intend to drink in a week, then opting for a smaller rack that can fit nine to twelve bottles will be ample room, allowing you to keep a sufficient supply – plus any bottles you may be gifted over the year! For more serious wine enthusiasts, then racks are available to store up to 90 bottles of wine. Here at Tanglewood, many of our wine racks can be connected with a kit, enabling you to grow your storage space if you find your wine collection increasing.

Where should you keep the wine rack?

You must next consider where you want to keep the wine rack – bearing in mind the number of bottles you want to store will have an impact on its size. To properly store wine, many factors need to be considered, such as light levels, temperature, and disturbance. To ensure that the wine is given the best treatment possible, try and pick a spot that is out of direct sunlight, and doesn’t get too hot. A room that isn’t used all the time, such as a dining room, can be a good bet, as it is less likely to have people walking through and ‘disturbing’ the wine (i.e. fewer chances to knock any bottles over!). 

What colour should my wine rack be?

Once you have chosen the room you will be installing your wine rack in; then you can decide what colour wine rack to buy. Think about the colours of any wooden items currently in the room such as chairs, tables, or even the door, and consider which colour would best suit or complement these shades. Here at Tanglewood, our traditional wine racks can come in five different wood stains; light oak, dark oak, black ash, burnt oak and Bordeaux.

Alternatives: Storage Cubes

If you’d like to stray from the traditional wine rack, or you have a more compact space to work with, then opting for a wine storage cube can be a great alternative. Wine storage cubes come in either wood or acrylic and can store 12 or 24 standard bottles. They are essentially a cube, with a diagonal cross within, connecting each corner, to create four sections. Cubes can be especially useful if you tend to buy your wine by the case, as you may not need to check the label of each to identify it, so they can all be stored in one unit. Wine cubes are also a great option for Champagne drinkers. Sometimes, wine racks have slots that are not quite big enough to fit the larger bottles used to hold Champagne, yet the cube storage can store between 12 and 16 bottles!


Are you looking for a new wine rack? Check out the extensive range we have available online here at Tanglewood Wines!


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