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A Guide to Properly Storing Wine Glasses

Wine glasses

Wine drinkers won’t be strangers to the sight of a broken wine glass. Whether this casualty occurred in a dramatic un-corking incident, a chip was gained while it was washed, or it was simply knocked over in the cupboard, it is a sad sight to see a glass thrown away in pieces or relegated to the back of the shelf. Of course, this is something we all look to avoid, especially if you own matching sets of glasses for entertaining. While there is no escaping broken glass, (we certainly cannot promise that), this guide should help to prevent any damage that comes from storing your glasses.

How to Store Glasses

Unless you’re in the business of hosting fancy dinner parties every night, the likelihood is that the majority of your wine glasses will be in storage for much of the time. Keeping them safe and stored correctly is crucial to ensuring that they remain in one piece. Here are some of the most popular storage options for glasses.

Hanging Rack

One of the best ways to store glasses is with a hanging rack, which holds each glass by the base, with the bowl facing downwards. These are particularly useful and popular in restaurants or bars, but smaller models can easily be installed in your kitchen, dining room or wine cellar at home! Different types are available, with some able to hold around 20 glasses, while others may hold three or six. Plus, these racks clear glasses away from surface space, saving you some much-needed cupboard room. They can be installed underneath a higher cupboard or on the wall above a wine rack. A stand-alone version can also be found, which is great for those who enjoy a drink each evening with dinner, as this can be kept on the table, or easily moved around between rooms.



Of course, the cheapest and most obvious storage option will be in a cupboard. If you decide to keep your glasses in a cupboard, ensure that it is one that you are not regularly accessing each day, especially if they are your top-quality glasses, as this will increase the chances of them getting knocked over and smashing.

When storing glasses in a cupboard, you will run into the great debate of whether they should be stored facing up or down. This issue seems to be as contentious as whether the jam or cream goes on a scone first, or which way around a roll of toilet paper should be placed!

Those who place their glassware with the rim facing up do so as this seems the most natural way to place a glass. Having glasses upright also means that, if any moisture remains from washing the glass, it can evaporate. Further, it keeps the part of the glass that touches your mouth from coming into contact with any dust or muck that may settle on the shelf. As the rim is one of the more delicate areas of the glass, it is an idea not to place all of the weight onto this part, instead positioning it the right way up.

On the other hand (or side of the glass), some people flip their glasses over to prevent dust from settling inside the bowl, which would lead you to have to clean it before it can be used again. Alternatively, to make the most of storage space, the glasses can be stored in an alternating way, with rows of one up, then one down.

Storage Box

If you do not use glasses all that much, then opting for a storage box can be the best decision. These are also a great option if you are regularly moving your glasses around. These boxes come with separating dividers, allowing you to slot each glass into their own space, and ensuring that the glasses do not clink against each other, which can lead to chips and cracks. If you get a wine glass storage box that comes with a lid, then this can also prevent any dust or debris falling into the glasses and making them unclean before they are used again!


How do you store your wine glasses? Let us know any tips and tricks you might have for keeping them safe in the comments below or via our social media channels!


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