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Wine Most Given and Regifted Christmas Present

Wine Most Given and Regifted Christmas Present

Up there with the chocolates and the flowers, wine is one of those quick and easy gifts that you can just pick up on your way to a party or event to present to your host. At Christmas, this seems to intensify, with wine becoming the go-to gift for Christmas parties or family and friends that you just don’t know how to buy for!

While it may seem easy enough to pick up a bottle, a recent survey that was carried out in November 2018 has revealed that over a quarter of people struggle with choosing wine as they do not know enough about it. For a beginner or non-wine drinker, the world of wine can certainly be daunting with so many varieties, bottles and brands available from around the world. In fact, around a fifth of people admit to just buying whichever bottle is labelled as being on special offer, rather than taking in any of the factors such as country of origin, grape variety or style of the wine.

The survey, commissioned by Bordeaux Wines, has revealed a lot about our Christmas wine shopping and gifting habits. One of the most interesting discoveries is that the average person in Britain receives four bottles of wine as gifts at Christmas, with three of these bottles on average ending up being regifted! This means that around 31 percent of people admit to regifting the wine they are given as a present at Christmas.

While consumers were found to have spent an average of £5.50 per bottle ordinarily, at Christmas time, this figure increases quite drastically, and the amount depends on who the bottle is for. Wines bought for personal drinking during the festive period tend to be an average of £8.67 for each bottle, whereas wine bought as a gift will be £10.64 on average. And with roughly three bottles regifted each year, you could easily be talking about parting ways with £30 worth of wine each year!

With mulled wine the perfect festive sip, it is little surprise that 59 percent of people surveyed revealed that they considered wine the best alcoholic beverage to enjoy at a Christmas party.


Whether you decide to keep or regift the wine you receive for Christmas this year, be prepared for more bottles by upgrading your wine storage solution to a Liebherr wine cabinet or custom wine racks!

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