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Are Wine Therapy Treatments Beneficial?

Are Wine Therapy Treatments Beneficial?

While we all love a little wine therapy in the evening, enjoying a glass or two with our meal, did you know that actual spa therapy treatments involving wine are rising in popularity in the UK? Known as vinotherapy, the idea was first made a reality in France (of course) in 2000. Allowing you to gain the health benefits of wine for your skin, without any of the potential negative effects, such treatments have slowly made their way into a number of spas around the world. 

Pairing together two of the most relaxing activities; a nice bath and a glass of wine, the main vinotherapy treatment sees you sinking into a deliciously claret-coloured tub to soak in the wine. The first vinotherapy spa in the UK opened earlier this year in London, offering a full wine-themed treatment for £195. 

What Does Wine Therapy Entail?

Vinotherapy tends to be a full spa experience themed around wine. At the spa in London, the treatment starts with an exfoliating scrub made from red vine leaves. A bath is then poured using bottles of Merlot, Sangiovese and Ciliegiolo red wine, mixed with hot bubbly water and virgin grape juice concentrate. A sprinkling of rose petals and a lovely glass of red in hand makes the bath complete!


Why is Wine Therapy Being Offered in Spas?

As well as tasting great, wine has a lot of qualities that are beneficial to your skin. This is mostly due to the number of antioxidants and polyphenols that are present in the red grapes used to make a lot of wine. These properties are thought to help with a whole host of skin-related issues, as they can renew collagen, promote circulation, detoxify the body and help prevent skin damage from the sun.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are also found in wines, and these have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, making them great for clearing pores and fighting off acne. Further, grapeseed extract, which is gained from the skins and seeds of red grapes, contains compounds which can hydrate and plump up the skin. This should be taken with a pinch of salt, however, as while the grapeseed oil itself may be beneficial for hydrating skin, the alcohol content in wine is likely to have the opposite effect, and may cause your skin to dry out instead!

The use of the wine in a bath, however, offers further benefits unrelated to the wine itself. Having a hot bath is great for both body and mind, giving you a chance to relax. It also helps to lower blood pressure and improve circulation. Certainly, the wine would be a great added bonus though! There is currently no evidence to suggest that soaking in wine gives you more benefits than if you were to just drink wine, so maybe just stick to having a glass in a normal bubble bath and save yourself £200!

Alternative Treatments

If you are interested in the benefits of wine but don’t want to bother with a full-on spa day, there are a number of beauty products out there that make use of grape seed extract, from shampoos to intense skin creams! Alternatively, you could invest in a Liebherr Vinidor wine cabinet instead, stock up on wine bottles, and hope that drinking wine does have the same effects as soaking in it!


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