AVALÁN has been designed to catch the imagination.

The reduced dimensions, combined with original Lamborghini™ exhaust pipes, are immediately striking. The carbon casing with slightly curved lines highlights the resemblance with an automobile. The hexagonal grill, together with the pair of original exhaust pipes make you want to switch on the AVALÁN as soon as you see it.

The carbon casing, either visible or with color inserts, makes AVALÁN the focus of attention for those who would like to share the spirit of iXOOST - made up of visual, tactile and audio sensations - in their home.


AVALÁN is a completely new design. The key element is the casing which can be in carbon Twill 245 3k, polymerised in autoclave at 6 bars or in real Forged Carbon, thanks to iXOOST’s continuous research in the use of innovative materials.

The original Lamborghini™ exhausts and the front aluminium grill give AVALÁN the unmistakable look of iXOOST creations. It has been designed to resemble the rear profile of a supercar and with its subtle and minimalist look it fits with great stylistic versatility into any interior.


Two 4-inch drivers positioned at the side of the cabinet produce a stereo experience that fills the whole room. Two 1-inch tweeters, positioned at the sides reproduce all the details of your music with a uniform distribution of sound. Each of the four drivers of the speakers is powered by 80-watt class D amplifiers; this means that AVALÁN performs well above the level that you would expect from an audio system of this size.