Sub-Zero Features

A Tanglewood Wine Room

At Tanglewood, in addition to premium wine accessories, we also create bespoke wine rooms, specific to our client’s requirements. Each wine room is unique, offering a storage space. Dependent on the end use, wine rooms will often have an air-conditioned unit, or wine refrigeration to make sure storage conditions are premium.

The atmosphere within a Tanglewood wine room can be controlled by an air conditioning unit. Having the ability to control the temperature and humidity helps to preserve and create the ideal conditions for either ageing, or ready to drink wines. However, if a wine room is to be used for the storage of various styles of wine, having one ambient temperature will not suffice. In this case, the inclusion of a wine cabinet, for storing bottles at a cooler temperature is often included into a Tanglewood wine room design, especially for the ready to drink selection.

Our selection of wine cabinets include premium brands such as EuroCave and the latest addition, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero wine fridge
 Draws and Cabinets

Sub-Zero is a versatile product of which provides the ideal storage area. Unlike many other wine fridges, SubZero can blend into the design of a Tanglewood wine room by covering the exterior with tailormade woodwork or a foil wrap. Such an ability will create a storage unit, of which works harmoniously with the overall image, offering a temperature-controlled draw or compartment within the design.

The settings on a SubZero wine cabinet can be controlled and altered, enabling the end user to change the inner conditions as requirements change. Utilise the space by creating a unique compartment for alternative drinks such as beers or chilled liquors. With the reliability of the product, SubZero also offers the ideal conditions for the storage of rare, or ageing wines. Age wines with the reassurance that the stable conditions within are not only suitable, but also reliable.

Wine Preservation

Sub-Zero have been creating impeccable refrigeration for over 70 years. Sub-Zero have been leading the way in not only technological features, but also being one of the first to turn a household good into an interior statement. They proudly state that their products are ‘meticulously crafted and expertly engineered, bringing professional quality to the home’. With such care for detail and design, Sub-Zero is the ideal product to work in tandem with a Tanglewood wine room.

The features of the range of a Sub-Zero wine fridge are all implemented to ensure the preservation of wine is top notch. The engineering focuses on controlling the four main elements that lead to wine spoiling: temperature, humidity, vibration and light.

Up to 3 segmented compartments

Many of the Sub-Zero wine cabinets have two, if not three temperature-controlled compartments. Such a feature enables different styles of wine to be stored within 1degree of their suited temperature. Store various wines in one atmospherically controllable unit.

Sub-Zero wine storage
Precise Temperature Control

No matter the model, the temperature is monitored to within one degree of the set level. Having the cabinet set at the correct temperature is vital for storage. An incorrect temperature can not only spoil an ageing wine, but also a ready to drink bottle. Be rest assured knowing that the set temperature is being achieved with the aid of Sub-Zero microprocessors.

Dual Evaporators

Humidity can be damaging if either too high or low. Dual evaporators keep humidity at the required level for optimum storage. The wrong humidity can lead to the drying out of corks, resulting in oxidisation of the contents of the bottle. The value of the bottle can also decrease significantly if the label has peeled due to the humidity within the cabinet. By regulating the humidity and temperature, the bottle will stay in good condition, whilst being protected from oxidisation.

Sliding Shelving
The Cherrywood sliding shelves with rustproof metal elements offer easy access and variable storage. Each shelve can be altered and moved to accommodate a range of bottle sizes. The Cherrywood slats offer compact and stable storage whilst being pleasing on the eye. With the addition of the soft, interior lighting, the visual element of the Sub-Zero is incredibly aesthetic.

Tinted Glass Doors

Glass doors can be aesthetically pleasing, showing off the contents within. However, a standard glass door has no protection from UV, allowing UV light to enter the cabinet. UV has a damaging effect on wine, causing sulphur compounds to build up in the bottle, tainting the quality and taste.