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Sub-Zero Wine Storage

SubZero wine fridges offer superb preservation within the distinct resemblance of the brand. SubZero, in its own right is renowned world-wide for the contemporary image and bold stance, offering an incredible interior feature. The cabinets are available in the form of several sizes with many having multiple temperature controllable zones. Each fridge is designed for preservation, protecting the bottles within from the main damaging elements: heat, humidity, light and vibration. Utilise the model, either as a statement within the room, or incorporating it into a Tanglewood wine room for the use of its sole function. SubZero wine cabinets are designed to be cladded or foiled, creating temperature-controlled compartments within a wine room.

Sub Zero and Your Tanglewood Wine Room

Sub Zero has the ability to be discreetly hidden within a Tanglewood designed wine room. For those requiring ready to drink wine, served at the ideal temperature, the integration of a wine cabinet into a wine room is a fantastic option. Sub Zero offer a great range of wine cabinets and cooling draws, all of which can be built in, or cladded.

Sub-Zero, Your Interior Feature

Sub-Zero products are a true feature in their own right. Make a bold interior statement whilst housing your collection within optimum conditions with Sub-Zero. With up to three temperature controllable compartments, multiple styles of wine can be stored, all available, ready to drink at the desired temperature. With soft, complimentary lighting, the collection is given the perfect display.

Integrated Wine Storage 

Sub-Zero wine units can be used as a stand alone feature, or integrated into the surrounding units. An integrated unit is ideal for a streamlined finish. Sub-Zero wine units are available as both under the counter and full length models. Tanglewood designs are able to implement wine refrigeration into a custom design, offering bespoke tailored storage around the unit.