AVI63CSZA Single Compartment Built-in Column Service Wine Cabinet


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Avintage AVI63CSZA wine cellar is a single compartment service cellar that can be integrated into a column. Allowing for storage of 33 bottles of wine directly in your kitchen.

Elegant design with black body & Black Piano organic glass door frame, installed into a niche for a conventional built-in oven thanks to its standard size: 60cm wide by 60cm. It also features a door and temperature alarm to offer the best protection for your wines.

The AVI63CSZA has a built-in air vacuum.
The vacuum pump integrated in the tank of your cellar, allows you to keep your wine bottles open for several days, with space to store 4 bottles in a vertical position.
The integrated air vacuum allows to:
- Reduce the volume of air (thus oxygen O2) present in the bottle after opening 
- Delaying oxidation of the wine
- Preserve the freshness, the organoleptic and olfactory qualities of the wine.

Easy to use

Simply connect the cap to the pump hose and press the 'empty air' button. The operation takes about 1 minute.

Delivered with 1 fixed wooden shelf and 3 sliding wooden half-shelves, your bottles are easy to access and stored in style with an aesthetic white LED lighting. Your cellar will certainly catch the eye of your guests. 


Main features of the AVI63CSZA :

4 adjustable feet (height 1 cm);

1 reversible triple glazed door, grey tempered glass treated anti-UV;

Cooling system: compressor;

White LED lighting with switch;

Electronic regulation;

An anti-vibration system;

Humidity control: water tray

A thermometer with white electronic display.



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