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Avintage AVI62XDZA 2-Zone Built-in Column Wine Cabinet
Avintage AVI62XDZA 2-Zone Built-in Column Wine Cabinet
Avintage AVI62XDZA 2-Zone Built-in Column Wine Cabinet
Avintage AVI62XDZA 2-Zone Built-in Column Wine Cabinet

Avintage AVI62XDZA 2-Zone Built-in Column Wine Cabinet


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Avintage AVI62XCDZA wine cellar is a service cellar that can be integrated into a column. Its double compartment allows the storage of 36 bottles of wine directly in your kitchen.

Wine cellar integrated into a niche for electric oven AVI62XDZA

Elegant, the AVI62XDZA double zone service cellar integrates with your fully equipped kitchen without the slightest effort! This Avintage integrable cellar model promises a quick and easy installation thanks to its standard size: 60cm wide by 60cm high. It is no longer your kitchen that adapts to your wine cellar, but the wine cellar Avintage that fits your kitchen!

Designed and designed for easy installation, the AVI62XDZA service cellar fits directly into the niche of a conventional electric oven. No need for a custom-made niche to welcome the wine cellar you dream so much.

Thanks to its two zones of temperature, the AVI62XDZA cellar preserves your wines with a homogeneous temperature: you can chamber your bottles and put them at temperature of service simultaneously by regulating the temperature of the zone of the top independently of the zone of the bottom.

AVI62XDZA double zone service cellar

The cellar AVI62XDZA has a reversible glass door and ensures you meet your integration constraints in kitchen furniture. Opening right or opening left, it is you who choose.

Delivered with 2 shelves and 1 half sliding wooden shelf, your bottles are easy to access and stored in style with an aesthetic white LED lighting. Your cellar will certainly catch the eye of your guests. 

Main features of the AVI62XDZA Avintage

The wine cellar AVI62XDZA is equipped with:

4 adjustable feet (height 1 cm);

1 reversible triple glazed door gray tempered glass treated anti-UV;

White LED lighting with switch;

Electronic regulation;

An anti-vibration system;

A thermometer with electronic display (white).

Demo mode on wine cellar:  the little plus for professional

Avintage AVI62XDZA has a "demo mode". This means that you can decide to stop the primary functions of the wine cellar (such as temperature and humidity management) and keep only the control panel screen and LED lighting. This feature is particularly useful for professionals at exhibitions or trade shows to reduce the power consumption of the device.

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