Eno One Wine dispenser
Eno One Wine dispenser
Eno One Wine dispenser

Eno One Wine dispenser

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The world leader in wine preservation and dispensing technology, pouring over
40 million glasses of wine every year.

Versatility at its best.

The Eno One temperature controlled dispenser utilises our patented tapping head technology, just on a different scale.

For added flexibility, as this is a modular dispenser additional units can be connected to create a continuous unit of 4, 6, 8 wine positions, or however many you wish.

Eno One is offered as 2-bottle temperature controlled unit for reds or whites, however as the brochure suggests a divider will be available as an optional extra in the future. 

Good things really can come in small packages - with compact dimensions, the Eno One is easily placed in your wine bar, cellar, kitchen or behind the bar for use by staff.

Go ahead, plug and pour!

Quality Assurance

Enomatic’s quality control provides customers with confidence that wines are always fresh and served at their optimum temperatures. With patented preservation technology and automatic self-cleaning of the pouring spout, our systems ensure the highest hygiene and superb wine quality.

Reducing Waste

It is a simple fact that wine that is not consumed oxidizes in the bottle and is wasted, creating unnecessary costs and profit loss for a wine business. Enomatic was designed to eliminate waste, reduce overheads and maximize profits.

Wine Preservation

Using state-of-the-art inert gas preservation, Enomatic prevents wine from being altered by oxygen and protects its organoleptic integrity (taste, aroma, body, and colour) for up to 21 days or more (tested and certified).

Portion Control

Staff over-pouring results in reduced profit margins. Enomatic’s precise automatic portion control prevents inventory shrinkage, over pouring, and ensures accurate measures time after time.

Lead time: 10-15 working days

Please note: Delivery within the UK only