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Fondis WINE C50S Wine Cellar Air-Conditioning Unit

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This unit is part of the C50 series but provides heating as well as cooling. It is a through the wall/window style wine cellar air-conditioning unit, suitable for insulated and air-tight wine cellars up to 50m³.

The unit will control the temperature at between +10°C to +14°C and is preset at 12°C. The unit can only vent internally into another room, hallway, garage/similar but not outside. 

There is a condensate tube for moisture excess and dust filter for maintenance, both located on the rear side of the unit.

Please contact us if you require any advice on selecting the right Fondis wine cellar air-conditioning unit for your application.

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Manufacturer: Fondis
Installation: Window Style
Cellars up to: 50
Internal Venting: Yes
External Venting: No
Cooling: Yes
Heating: Yes
Frost Protection: No
Weight (kg): 45
Warranty: 2 Years

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