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Fondis WINE SP100 Wine Cellar Conditioning Unit

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The SP100 unit is ideal for cooling and heating cellars with volumes up to 100m3 as well as for compensating for cellars which lack full/effective insulation.

This split refrigeration wine cellar cooling unit consists of two units. The cold part of the unit is situated in the cellar to enable cooling of the cellar whilst the warm unit can be situated up to 4.5 metres to 8 metres away from the cellar. The two units are connected by a hose. You simply choose the duct length you prefer from the options above prior to purchase.

The features and benefits of this unit include:

• Noiseless external/warm unit can be installed away from the cooling unit, outside the building, making it perfect for cellars near to a living area or below the ground

• Outstanding cooling power combined with energy savings with 2500W for only 1250W power consumption

• Easy of use electronic thermostat that comes factory set

• Eco-friendly without CFCs

• Controlled electrical consumption and exceptional longevity with reaction turbines

• Heating function available when temperatures drop too low

• Easy to install with a quick-release connecting system

• Easy to maintain with the recommendation that the dust filter be changed once a year to ensure the efficient running of the conditioning unit as well as for long life

Fuse Required for the plug is 5 Amp

Wine Cellar Conditioning Unit WINE SP100 User Guide - 1634kb


Please call the office if you require any advice on selecting the right Fondis wine cellar air-conditioning unit for your application.

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Manufacturer: Fondis
Cellars up to: 100
Internal Venting: No
External Venting: Yes
Cooling: Yes
Heating: Yes
Frost Protection: Yes
Warranty: 2 Years