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Kitchen Wine Room

This project, consisting of a temperature controlled, glass fronted Wine Room holding 800 bottles allowed the client to have a statement piece in a home renovation and allowed for a large collection of wine to be brought out of storage, and into the home. Our clients wanted a statement piece so we designed a ‘viewing wall’ from the kitchen. We took down part of the wall and created a Critall-style window using timber beams stained in black gloss.

This project uses a bespoke split system a/c unit for temperature control with the internal unit hidden within joinery of the same finish as the rest of the room. The installation took 7 days in total including the creation of the viewing wall.

The clients wine collection, previously held at the famous Berry Brothers & Rudd, was brought into the home to be enjoyed.
  • Location: Surrey

  • Capacity: 750 bottles

  • Cost: Approx £30,000

  • Materials: Redwood, stained in ‘Hampson Oak’