oak wine room basement air conditioning
American oak wine wall with bespoke joinery
wine fridge built in
wine fridge and joinery

Wine Cellar, Malvern, Worcester

This wine cellar located within a residential property was created by utilising two spaces for two separate purposes. The entrance offers a social space for entertaining, with a seating area and the necessary facilities to enjoy the wine collection. A wine fridge offers a storage space for ready to drink wine, offering an ideal, temperature controlled environment. The second space showcases the homeowners wine collection behind floor to ceiling glass panelling. The bespoke design, tailor made from American Oak, houses over 400 bottles, all within an air conditioned area. The view can be admired from the lounging area, providing a brilliant entertaining location.

To finish off the space, the homeowner added amazing artwork, bringing additional interest and colour into the room. Artwork is a brilliant interior addition to any home and compliments the space perfectly.

  • Location: Malvern, Worcester

  • CAPACITY: Approx 440 bottles

  • Price Range: Approx £45,000

  • Materials: American Oak

  • Wine Cellar Conditioning: Bespoke temperature control system with digital controller.