Avino is a modular range of self assembly wine racks - ideal for designing and building your own wine storage, all from Sorrells quality materials.

- 27 Different unit designs

- Top and Base options

- Universal depth

- Connectable components

Modular wine storage

Build Your Own Wine Cellar

We have chosen a select range of modular, or self built wine storage units. Each one different in style and functionality.

Our range of racking systems enables the user to build their own space using the range of different products. Design a space using a single product range or mix it up with the numerous wall mounted racks and modular units.

We are on hand to help with a design and calculation, or leave it down to you to fully create your own wine space.

the craft of joinery

Bespoke Cellars & Furniture

Joinery is our trade and where it all started for Tanglewood. Sourcing luxury products for our clients has become our latest venture, but it is the finishing touches that truly set us apart. Being able to create custom made joinery around our wine cabinets, fully bespoke cellars and custom pieces of furniture offers clients a finish worthy of their interiors and a space found nowhere else.

air conditioning


At Tanglewood, we recognise the importance of the correct aging conditions in nurturing wines to maturity. With this in mind, we are delighted to present our exclusive range of air conditioning units tailored to meet your wine storage requirements. Emphasizing seamless integration, cutting-edge technology, and customized solutions for your cellar requirements.




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