Discover the Elegance of Tanglewood's Wine Glasses and Decanter Sets

These exquisite sets are meticulously designed to enhance the wine tasting experience for various styles and occasions. Ideal for both personal enjoyment and as luxurious gifts, these sets are a testament to our commitment to the art of wine enjoyment.


The Jancis Robinson Collection - Mastery in Wine Glasses and Decanters


The Young Decanter and wine glass set

The Jancis Robinson Young Wine Decanter and Wine Glass Set showcases the versatility and excellence of Tanglewood's wine glasses and decanter sets. Featuring 'The Wine Glass', crafted to complement all types of wines, this set is particularly suited for younger wines, emphasizing their fresh and dynamic qualities. The set's versatility makes it an outstanding choice for gifting. Explore this set and its features [here](


The Old Decanter and wine glasses set
The Jancis Robinson Old Wine Decanter and Wine Glass Set also includes 'The Wine Glass' and introduces the Old Wine Decanter, a masterpiece in the wine glasses and decanter sets collection. This decanter is expertly designed for mature wines, with a shape that complements 'The Wine Glass'. It ensures a gentle decanting process, essential for preserving the delicate flavors of aged wines. The contemporary design of the mouth-blown stopper adds a modern touch to your table setting. 





Celebrating Grandeur with The Magnum Lehmann Wine Glasses and Decanter Set

The Magnum decanter and wine glass set
The Magnum Lehmann Wine Glass and Decanter Set is a crowning piece in the wine glasses and decanter sets collection. This set, ideal for magnum wine lovers, includes six glasses and a decanter, all crafted to enhance the wine's profile. This set transforms every gathering into a celebration, making it perfect for those who cherish sharing their love for wine. 






Find Your Perfect Wine Glasses and Decanter Set

Our range of Tanglewood wine glasses and decanter sets caters to every wine enthusiast's needs, whether you prefer young, mature, or magnum wines. We invite you to explore these sets and discover the perfect addition to your wine tasting experiences.

Explore Tanglewood's Full Collection of Wine Glasses and Decanter Sets, CLICK HERE.

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