Tanglewood's recommended

Luxury Wine Accessories

Each product chosen for Tanglewood, has been done so with
the upmost thought. Every item has been picked for its use and purpose, often
the best in the business for its niche.

In addition, there are a select few items that are truly
outstanding in both function and design. Below shows a prime example of wine
accessories, leading the way in purpose, made from the finest materials.

Perceval SOMMELIER Wine Knife 'Les Perrières 2014' byCatherine&Pierre Breton

Made in France, these luxurious wine knives are as eligant to use as they
are to view.Perceval, a world renowned workshop for it’s craft in knife making
have an unrivelled passion for top of the range sommelier tools.

L’Atelier Perceval was inspired by XIXth century knives, designing a tool
using materials from winemaker friends. With a handle made from the cuvée Les
Perrières 2014, 100% Cabernet franc and a hardened steel blade & helical
bit, these fine wine knives are built for the finest purpose.

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Richard Brendon Large Fluted Decanter

At Tanglewood, we have chosen the Fluted range by Richard Brendon for
multiple reasons, including the brand history, timeless design and passion for glassblowing. The range draws inspiration from the 1920’s. The art deco era clearly shines through this range, with a signature ‘fluted’ effect, created from master glassblowers. Each product has been designed for an impressive hold as
well as look. From a light flute to a weighty whisky tumbler, the range is morethan impressive on the table.

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The Durand

The Durand is a world-renowned brand in its own right. Used and known internationally for its function, the Durand is trusted by top sommeliers and wine collectors. The Durand is the trusted tool for opening older, fragile or compromised corks. The two-part tool enables delicate corks to be removed, intact, reducing the chance of leaving crumbled cork in the wine. Designed by Mark Taylor after a personal struggle to open a difficult cork, he decided to put a solution to
market, the solution, the Durand.

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L'Atelier Du Vin Oeno Motion Nomad

L’Atelier du Vin produce the finest range of wine tools. Made in France, the family business has been creating beautiful products since 1926. The Nomad collection consists of four kits, each one wrapped in a tawny leather case. Internally, a tool of choice sits, the Oeno Motion® vertical lever corkscrew being one. The Single lever corkscrew makes removing corks easy and smooth, with one single transaction. With beautiful casing, the L'Atelier Du Vin Oeno Motion Nomad is fantastic for traveling with.

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