Garage Wine Cellar, Guildford

Wow… what a space! Our client was building a dedicated garage for his rare vintage cars and motorbikes and instructed Tanglewood to create this show-stopping wine storage space. The client has an incredible wine collection and wanted to ensure that these wines were first and foremost, protected, but also showcased in the same ways the stunning cars are within this space.
We created this glass fronted, temperature controlled Garage wine storage wall for the storage of approx 1000 bottles. A temperature control system was used here to create the conditions.

With a lot of glass used in this project, we used acrylic rod displays in parts to give the impression of floating bottles.

Location: Guildford, UK

Date: 2022

Capacity: 1000 bottles

Price range: Approx £70,000 + VAT

Materials: White American Oak, stained in ‘Dark Oak’