Custom Wine Racks

For any wine connoisseur, having a location to store the collection is vital. And by location we don't mean a box under the stairs. We mean a fully fledged 'look at my magnificent' collection location. Yes your collection may be to keep for the long run, for ageing, but it doesn't mean it needs to hide away. Being able to show guests your bottles is all part of the experience of collecting, and what better than to display them in a Tanglewood Custom Wine Rack.

Suitable for both residential properties and hospitality storage or displays, the selection available at Tanglewood is varied. Find the required capacity for you, from smaller 6 bottle racks to a large interior displays, here at Tanglewood, we offer the best products and advice to find the ideal solution.

 Ranges from reputable brands such as STACT, WALLiT, The Traditional Wine Rack Company are all unique, versatile and incredibly well produced. Tanglewood is the exclusive retailer for Vinicase, the burgundy stone storage wine bins offering maximum capacity with temperature stability. No matter the style, size or finish, Tanglewood offer the storage solution for you, click on your chosen style to begin.

At Tanglewood, we off a whole host of different storage ideas and options for storage, from small 12 bottle Traditional racks, to a full blown Fondis air conditioned cellar, fulfilling an option for everyone. Our website offers an option for all, showing each brand and company we choose to distribute. However, many do not know that we offer custom wine racks in addition to our custom wine walls and cellars. Using the Traditional Wine Racking Company items, we are able to build a bespoke, made to measure custom wine rack.

The Traditional Wine Rack Company

The Traditional Wine Rack Company, as the name suggests offers traditional style wine racks, produced using sustainably sourced red wood and galvanised steel strips to create an incredibly strong rack to store multiple bottles depending on the size of the rack. In addition to the classic wine rack style, Traditional also offer unique Connoisseur Range an option for those wanting a different style, with the same fantastic quality. The range comes in a variety of different wood stains, with different unit options. Suchoptions allows our clients to build a unique wine storage area using custom wine racks.

traditional custom wine rack

A British Built Custom Wine Rack

The Traditional Wine Rack Company is based in Essex. The materials used are of a high quality, and where possible, sustainably sourced. Not only are the wine racks built to last, but they are built with thought. Such thought and care is towards not only the design and type of materials, but the materials source. Unlike cheaper alternatives, a wine rack from Traditional is hand made. Each block is knocked into place. Such a hand crafted skill offers a personal touch. For our customers, knowing that the wine rack in their beloved home, restaurant or pub has been lovingly made within our warehouse in Rayleigh, Essex is a nice finishing touch.

Vinicase Wine Racks

Vinicase custom wine rack

Vinicase is a fantastic product for those wanting to store a considerable number of bottles within the incredibly strong, sturdy structure of Burgundy stone. Yes, Vinicase offer the option to store your Burgundy in Burgundy stone! Vinicase is incredibly strong, yet versatile. The individual unit structure enables custom storage to be created. Each compartment can be stacked or placed next to one another to create as much storage as required. Therefore the product is a brilliant option for those wanting a wine cellar with a minimal budget. For a rustic, economically viable wine cellar, consider Vinicase.

wine rack

STACT Wine Racks

STACT wine racks are a patented design, sleek and modern, perfect for the
contemporary home. With two initial designs and multiple colours and patterns, the 'tiles' can be mixed to create unique wine displays. The 'C Type' and 'L Type' individual tiles create shapes with the bottle. Whether its cork display or label display, the tiles offer a superb view of the bottle, with strategically placed supports, as to not hinder the view. 

STACT offers an interior statement, whether it be a small wine rack, or a bold wine wall. STACT with its simplistic, yet impressive design makes a big impression within the room. STACT can be bought off the shelf, used to create your own display. Or, alternatively, STACT can be added to a Tanglewood wine room for a custom display with complimentary racking and storage. STACT offers a contemporary finish, suitable for a modern home or restaurant.