The Ideal Conditions For Wine Storage

Wine Cellar Conditioning

When we think of a traditional wine cellar, we often think of an underground, arched ceiling storage area with bottles stacked one on top of one another in a dark space. However, the option for wine storage is endless, as is cellar design with wine cellar conditioning.

Cellars Don’t Have To Be Underground

A Tanglewood wine room offers optimal wine cellar conditioning through the use of a conditioning unit. If concerned about the aesthetics of the conditioning unit, we have the ability to discreetly hide the unit behind walls with ducts, or within the crafted, bespoke panelling. The Fondis air conditioning unit is our choice for wine rooms requiring a set, controllable temperature. Fondis are amongst the market leaders and have been creating such units since 1978, offering a system that is compact and quiet. We, at Tanglewood have chosen to be a distributor for a Fondis for over 15 years. Such relationship has been built due to one main common interest – the requirement to store great wine. The Fondis range is also built with respect for the environment, having energy saving monitors and low energy consumption.

For Ideal Storage, Look No Further Than Tanglewood

At Tanglewood, we understand that the ideal wine cellar is not simply aesthetical (although we do make stunning wine rooms!). Storing your reserves in ideal conditions is a must for ageing. There are multiple elements for optimum storage, each one just as important as the next. Each element is considered when designing your wine room. Whilst creating a bespoke wine room, the Tanglewood team understand the importance of storage, such as lighting. We introduce soft lighting within our sketches, to offer beautiful atmospheric spot lights, whilst not causing damage to the wine.

The hand crafted materials used within a Tanglewood wine room are all custom sketched, designed, built and created within Essex, offering a truly British product, whilst implementing European materials, chosen for their suitability and quality. Vinicase is an ideal option for those requesting a wine room, yet wanting to keep their budget down. Vinicase is produced from Burgundy stone, a classic ‘terrior’ product. The individual units can be connected, allowing the cellar to be built by the owner, for further cost reducing options. Tanglewood are able to both supply the Vinicase product, but also introduce it in to a bespoke cellar, offering finishing touches such as wooden shelving or additional wine racking. Vinicase is a super product, with the ability to hold a vast quantity of bottles.

No matter the requirements, Tanglewood Premium Wine Accessories is able to design and create a bespoke, unique wine cellar or room.

Fondis Wine Cellar Conditioning Unit