If you love wine, you’re sure to find these accessories and gadgets extremely useful. Whether you’re looking for personal use or business, these accessories are great and make for an ideal gift for those who love wine.

Wine Stopper

Preservation is imperative for enabling the true flavour experience for wine. One factor that obviously effects this is oxidation. While some wines do need to breathe before drinking, if you find that you’re not serving the whole bottle, you’ll want a wine stopper to prevent unwanted air from tainting your wine. Although this accessory isn’t applicable to screw cap wines, you’ll definitely find it useful for bottles sealed with corks; the AntiOx Wine Stopper is a practical and easy to use option.


A fancy piece of kit, a wine dispenser is a fantastic way to serve and store wine correctly. As mentioned previously, leaving wine open can spoil the bottle. Wine dispensers prevent oxidation and can help preserve wines for serval weeks. As well as this, they typically come with serving options to fill glasses to the specific volume you need. With options suitable for use at home, as well as restaurants.

LIGNEW Corkscrew

High-Quality Corkscrew

While corkscrews are available at multiple price points, we strongly recommend using a high-quality option, for numerous reasons. Using a cheap, finicky corkscrew can ultimately ruin a bottle of wine, as a result of poor design. Therefore, a high-quality corkscrew, such as the LIGNEW Corne Noire Corkscrew is a great option. Alternatively, wall or bar mounted corkscrews are superior and easy to use. Although they are necessary particularly in restaurants, a wall or bar mounted corkscrew is a superb option for home use as well.


As noted beforehand, some wines need to breathe before serving. This process is known as aeration and is necessary to serve certain wines correctly. A decanter is a great option for this; not only serving its purpose with its open design allowing the wine to breathe but also looking excellent as a decorative piece for tables.

Due to the unique shapes featured on most decanters, a specific cleaning brush is probably necessary to make sure that you can clean it properly.

Wooden wine rack full of wine

Wine Rack

When sticking to a small budget, looking for wine storage solutions, a wine rack is a fantastic option. Available in many sizes, styles and prices points, you’re sure to find one that is suitable for your needs. Not only do they serve as an excellent method for storing wine, but they also look great, adding a unique aesthetic. 

Wine Cabinet

Perfect for storing wine at optimum temperatures, wine cabinets are a must have for establishments serving high-quality wines. However, they’re not exclusive to the former, with many wine cabinets that are great for homes.


Ever wondered the best way to find out the temperature of wine? While some wine fridges and cabinets where you store bottles display thermal readings, a thermometer is the best way to ensure you’re serving at the right temperature. Available in the form of probes that you insert into the bottle or external devices, thermometers give an accurate reading of the temperature of the wine, making them a handy gadget to have.

Which of the accessories or gadgets listed would you like? Be sure to let us know through our socials! Some of these products make great gifts for wine lovers, or maybe you’ll want them as a gift for yourself?

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