Short and Long term

Wine Fridge Rentals

Introducing our new premium wine fridge rental service at Tanglewood. Catering to both residential and commercial clients, we offer flexible short and long-term loans for all our top-tier wine cabinet brands.

For residential customers, our service provides an ideal short-term solution, ideal for those storing wine during cellar construction or if taking wine out of bond. Commercial clients will benefit from our rentals for back bar needs, seamlessly bridging the gap if existing fridges break down, or even for long-term storage solutions.

Trust Tanglewood to ensure your wine is perfectly preserved, no matter the duration.

How Our Rentals Work

Choose a Wine Cabinet

Browse the Tanglewood selection of wine cabinets.

Any of our wine cabinets are available for rental, including the 'Refurbished' range.

Note the model type to include in the contact form below.


Choose a Rental Duration

Rentals durations have a minimum of 28 days



Small wine cabinets:

£12 a day up to day 28

£10 a day beyond day 29


Large wine cabinets:

£18 a day up to 28 days

£15 a day beyond day 29


Delivery : £180

Delivery and pickup is a two man job, delivering the wine cabinet to your place of choice and turning on.

Looking For More Than One?

Repeat the first two processes and bear in mind, the more you rent, the better the discount!

Add Accessories

Did you know our wine accessories can also be added onto your bundle?


Send Tanglewood Your Requirements

Use the contact form below to send us over your requirements.

Or alternatively, reach out to us and let us help you find a solution for your wine fridge rental!


Please include:

- Wine fridge model

- Duration period

- Address/ Location

- Contact details

Receive Your Quote

We will respond with a quotation or any further questions to get your rental agreement organisd!

Contact us

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Alternatively, please feel free to contact us via:

Tel: 01932 348720