Understanding Wine Fridges

When it comes to preserving the quality and enhancing the flavour of red wine, the storage environment plays a pivotal role. A common misconception about wine fridges, not just for red wine, is that they are merely for cooling wine, akin to a standard refrigerator. However, wine fridges are specially designed for wine storage with a variety of purposes. Wine fridges do not drop to the temperature of a standard kitchen fridge, purely because their purpose does not require such a demand. Whether for ready to drink wines or the long-term storage of wines -  ensuring they age under optimal conditions, a wine fridge is the best place to store your fine bottles. This distinction is crucial for enthusiasts and collectors looking to maintain the integrity and taste of their red wine collection.
 Wine fridges for red wine, or the ‘wine cabinet’ as many call it, maintain a steady temperature and humidity, essential for the proper ageing of red wines. These fridges are also designed to minimise vibration and shield wine from UV light, both detrimental to wine quality over time.
For long-term storage, all wines should be kept at a consistent temperature, optimally between 12°C and 14°C (53°F to 57°F). This uniform temperature slows the aging process, allowing wines to develop depth and character. This principle allows for a diverse collection to be maintained under optimal conditions within a single wine fridge.
Serving red wines should be at specific temperatures rather than "room temperature," a dated concept that often leads to less than ideal tasting experiences.  The phrase 'room temperature' stems back to the days where the home's ambient temperature was lower than today's insulated properties. In addition, unlike the 'flat rate' fixed temperature of long term storage, fine bottles stored for immediate drinking all require different storage temperatures to maximise their potential. Lighter-bodied reds like Pinot Noir should be served cooler, around 12°C to 15°C (54°F to 59°F), while fuller-bodied reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are best slightly warmer, around 15°C to 18°C (59°F to 64°F). Serving red wine at these precise temperatures allows its complexity to shine, providing a more refined experience. 

Tanglewood's Top Wine Cabinets for Red Wine Storage 

Transtherm Loft Vintage Wine Cabinet

The Transtherm Loft Vintage wine cabinet is a single temperature unit ideal for ageing a red wine collection in a controlled environment. Its sleek design is a stylish addition to any home, offering the ideal long-term storage temperature range for red wine.
The small wine fridge - Transtherm Loft

 Pevino Majestic Kitchen Door - 46 Bottles Single or Dual Zone

Pevino Majestic Kitchen Door is perfect for red wine storage in the kitchen, with its compact size and single-zone solution that doesn't compromise on capacity. The dual-zone version of the Pevino Majestic is great for those needing to store both red and white wines at their ideal temperatures in a space-saving design.
A kitchen specific red wine fridge

Artevino Cosy Wine Cabinet Single or Multi Temperature

The Artevino Cosy wine cabinet is tailored for the long-term storage of red wines, also bringing them to the correct serving temperature. The multi temperature offers a temperature gradient, the ideal solution for finding the optimal serving temperature for fine wines. As we now know, not only does serving temperature alter with the colour of the grape, but also the style of the wine. Store multiple different styles of wine within the Artevino Cosy Multi Temperature.
 Artevino Cosy small wine fridge

For Larger Collections

 The Transtherm Ermitage and the Artevino Oxygen Multi Temperature Range offer larger capacity solutions for serious collectors, with the ability to store red wines at varied temperatures, ready for optimal serving.

The Transtherm Ermitage

Similar to the Loft, the Transtherm Ermitage is designed specifically for long term storage with the option of altering the temperature to suite those ‘ready to drink’ bottles. Many choose Transtherm not only for their functionality and EuroCave standards, but for their flexibility of use. Transtherm doors can be altered by the Tanglewood team, changing the hinge side. By doing so, placing two cabinets side by side with opposite opening hinges gives the impression of one large wine cabinet. Previous clients have done exactly this, with one wine cabinet for long term storage and the other for ready to drink wines. A similar method can be done with the Transtherm Loft – and has previously been done for ready to drink reds on one side and whites on the other.
Transtherm Ermitage by EuroCave - Large wine cabinet

The Artevino Oxygen Multi Temperature Range

The Artevino Multi Temperature Wine Cabinet is perfect for wine enthusiasts who want to serve their reds at optimal conditions. This cabinet can store different wines at their ideal temperatures simultaneously, making it versatile and efficient.
A multi temperature wine fridge by Artevino, EuroCave
 A wine fridge for red wine is a key investment for preserving the quality of your collection. It goes beyond cooling to provide a specialised environment for aging and serving red wines. With the right wine fridge, you can ensure the longevity and flavour of your red wine collection.

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