Choosing the correct wine cabinet can be a lengthy process. Our aim is to make the process easier, enjoyable and most importantly to ensure our clients are well informed to make the right decision. Whether it be for long term storage of ageing vintages, or for ready to drink wines, we have a Transtherm wine cabinet for every scenario. Transtherm, designed and manufactured by the inventor of the wine cabinet, EuroCave, offer the same quality product, without the associated label. 


Eurocave - Transtherm wine cabinet

Getting down to the nitty gritty of deciphering one cabinet from another can be an arduous task. Transtherm wine cabinets offer a fantastic array of qualities, some of which may not be obvious at first glance, and others may not seem like a requirement until explained. And that’s why we are here…

 Transtherm, designed and manufactured by EuroCave come, as standard, with the quality expected by the world-renowned brand. Such excellence is a given and take a back seat for this piece. It is time to discuss the right cabinet for you and answer those questions that may not be obvious when first thinking about which single temperature cabinet to choose from.

 A brief introduction to your Transtherm options

Transtherm offer three single temperature wine cabinets: Ermitage, Manoir and Loft Vintage. Each one is unique in size, capacity, and features.





H x W x D




Sliding and Storage


1825 x 680 x 690

Full Glass, Framed Glass or Solid



Sliding and Storage


1479 x 680 x 690

Full Glass, Framed Glass or Solid





960 x 680 x 690

Full Glass or Framed Glass

 Contemplate Each Variable

When deciding on a wine cabinet, the size is not the only variable to consider.

Location and size of the space

Which size to choose is very dependent on the location measurements and the capacity requirements. Single temperature cabinets can be adjustable from 6 ° C to 18 ° C. The temperature will be set dependent on one of two purposes:

1: For the long-term storage of wine

2: To store wine at a drinkable temperature

The purpose of storage will also decipher which bottles are stored. All wine requires the same temperature for long term storage, whereas a drinkable wine can vary in the temperature requirement. Once the purpose has been decided, a suitable location and capacity requirements can be chosen.

Transtherm internal qualities by eurocaveFor an ageing collection, location does not have to necessarily be ‘handy’. Bottles can sit comfortably within the secure environment in a garage or outhouse. Whereas those ‘ready to drink’ bottles may ideally be suited to a kitchen or bar location. Many are put off putting their wine cabinet a sociable location due to the noise. Transtherm has no vibration, and thus no noise thanks to the slow-cycle compressor mounted on silentblocs. The mechanics of the cabinet have been designed to combine technology and performance with a respect for the environment surround. The temperature within stays stable thanks to the double regulation of hot and cold air, alongside the optimized hygrometry of warmer, humid air intake. Such a feature makes any location a suitable location.

The capacity required is a relatively simple conundrum to solve. Once the purpose has been decided, capacity can be calculated on two factors; one, how many bottles are you currently in position of for storage, and two, are you planning to grow said collection? Remember, this cabinet has a purpose and may not be a suitable storage location for all your collection – that is why deciding on the suitable use is the first question to ask.

Shelf layout

For ageing wine and long-term storage, storage shelves are a great option for increasing capacity. Whilst sliding shelves offer great access and visuals without having the remove bottles individually. Each shelf has been designed to hold labels for instant identification.

Transtherm by EuroCave shelving
Door options

All doors are argon filled. No matter the purpose or location, the bottles within are protected from outside elements, including UV. Doors offer a unique finish and combine with presentation shelves; a feature can be created from the storage space. Solid doors are a great option for simply storage.

Large Transtherm wine cabinets by Eurocave

Consult with us

There isn’t a lot we don’t know about wine cabinets (if anything, not to blow our own whistle). For any queries, we always suggest reaching out to us. We are your on hand, go to guys for wine storage, and we’re always happy to help you discover the right storage option for you.


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