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Wine storage is as specific as the collection. Choosing the correct wine cabinet can be a lengthy process. Our aim is to make the process easier, enjoyable and most importantly to ensure our clients are well informed to make the right decision. Whether it be for long term storage of ageing vintages, or for ready to drink wines, we have a Transtherm wine cabinet for every scenario. Transtherm, designed and manufactured by the inventor of the wine cabinet, EuroCave, offer the same quality product, without the associated label. 

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Getting down to the nitty gritty of deciphering one cabinet from another can be an arduous task. Transtherm wine cabinets offer a fantastic array of qualities, some of which may not be obvious at first glance, and others may not seem like a requirement until explained. Many elements have to be considered to ensure the collection is being stored within the correct environment, allowing the bottle to be fit for purpose:

For investment purposes and ageing wine

As an investment, wine must be stored within optimum conditions to ensure both the wine and the bottle itself do not spoil. The contents of a bottle are sensitive to surroundings, therefore atmospheric conditions must be stable and at the required temperature and humidity. A wine cabinet offers just that, stability (as a minimum). In addition to the contents, the bottle itself can spoil due to over exposure to UV light and the wrong humidity, causing the label to rip, peel or fade. The four main storage elements to control and monitor are heat, vibration, UV and humidity. All as important as the previous, finding the perfect balance results in a wine that when the day comes, is worth the wait.

The Tanglewood recommendations for investment or ageing wine storage:

The single temperature wine cabinet range by Transtherm offer fantastic long-term storage. Transtherm by EuroCave feature the technical qualities found within a standard EuroCave, without the price tag of the ‘brand’.

  • The body of the Transtherm

The triple body of a Transtherm create a strong, robust barrier from outside elements, insulating the atmosphere within.

  • Temperature & Humidity control

Transtherm has been manufactured with an environmental thought. The ambient temperature is monitored and controlled by a slow cycle compressor. The compressor utilises the natural rising of warm air to circulate and distribute the air. The thermal pump, exclusive to Tanglewood, records and controls the humidity temperatures to keep the value between the recommended levels of 55 – 80% to avoid dry corks.

With the advanced technological features of Transtherm, the collection will not deteriorate due to ill equipped storage. Transtherm offers three single temperature wine cabinets, ERMITAGE, MANOIR and LOFT. Each wine fridge differs in size and capacity, whilst all featuring the same components.

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Ready to drink wine

For most wine enthusiasts, their collection will no doubt house bottles of which they cannot wait to try. Storage for these bottles differs from that of an ageing collection. Bottles should be stored at their optimum drinking temperature, and not that of the long-term storage conditions. Drinking temperature varies dependent of the style of wine, whereas ageing wines are all stored at the same temperature, no matter the variety.

The Tanglewood recommendations for ‘ready to drink’ wine storage:

Transtherm offer two wine cabinets for multi-temperature settings. The Transtherm RESERVE is the first-rate option for those requiring their wine to be served at a very specific temperature. The wine cabinet offers a staggered temperature, graduating down the shelving. The wine on each shelf will be stored within a different temperature to those surrounding it. The CASTEL is a little less particular, yet just as functional with three different compartments. The upper compartment is set to the correct temperature for Reds, whilst the lower is suitable for white wine. The middle shelving offers a suitable, long term home for ageing wine.

Both the Transtherm RESERVE and CASTEL are large capacity wine cabinets. For a smaller wine collection, the multi temperature ArteVino COSY features a temperature gradient from 6-20 degrees across 4 universal shelves.

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Finding the right cabinet for capacity

Once the purpose has been figured out, the next question is the capacity. Finding the right wine cabinet for purpose is one thing, but if unable to store the full collection, the cabinet is futile. Each wine cabinet available at Tanglewood is varied to offer a range of sizes to suite all.

Less than 100 bottles;

Long term storage: The Transtherm LOFT has the capacity to hold up to 74 Bordeaux bottles within a sliding shelf model.

Multi temperature storage: The ArteVino COSY has the capacity to hold a maximum of 39 bottles across four sliding shelves.

100-180 bottles;

Long term storage: The Transtherm MANOIR has two shelving styles; sliding and storage. For easy access, the sliding shelves can house up to 141 bottles, whilst the storage shelving is fantastic for letting wine sit. The storage shelving can hold up to 166 Bordeaux bottles, upon the fixed slats.  

Multi temperature storage: The sliding shelf option for the Transtherm CASTEL has the capacity for 165 standard Bordeaux bottles. 

180 -230 bottles;

Long term storage: The Trantherm ERMITAGE is the largest of the three models. Similar to that of the MANOIR, the ERMITAGE has both sliding and storage shelving. For maximum capacity, opt for the storage shelving with the ability to hold up to 234 Bordeaux bottles, whilst the sliding shelving can store a maximum 182.

 Multi temperature storage: The storage shelf option for the Transtherm CASTEL has the ability to store more bottles compared to that of the sliding shelf option. The storage shelf wine cabinet can store 209 standard Bordeaux bottles. The RESERVE model has a slightly higher capacity compared to the CASTEL. The sliding shelf option stores up to 182 bottles and the storage shelving has the capacity for up to 234 bottles.  

Each Transtherm model is unique in its own right and serves a very useful purpose. But don’t just take our word for it.

Transtherm wine cabinets are used by restaurants, private residences and sommeliers for their personal collections. Recently Tanglewood installed Transtherm wine fridges feature within many renowned restaurants such as The Stock Exchange, Manchester, Loki Restaurants and the 1 Star, Hide & Fox. Due to the EuroCave manufacturing, Transtherm is trusted for fulfilling the personal requirements for wine storage, whilst Tanglewood is trusted for finding the correct model for such a task.

Whether you’re starting your wine collection journey, or advancing onto more specified wine storage, discuss your requirements with Tanglewood. In addition to offering wine cabinets to our UK market, we also offer advice on how to find the correct model for your collection and lifestyle. As the UK distributor for Transtherm, we are able to offer our customer base a product to match the quality of EuroCave, without the branded price.

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