The demands of proper wine storage can vary dependent on purpose. Whether the collection is being stored at 11-14˚c for long term storage, or at the correct pouring temperature, the concerns for environmental fluctuations whilst away from the display panel needn’t be a worry with the SensorPush package.

SensorPush was created by Brooklyn based technology company Cousins & Sears Creative Technologists. The company devised the product after a struggle to find a similar device on the market.


The SensorPush package

The SensorPush package consists of the Smart Sensor and the WIFI Gateway. The efficiency and accuracy of the Smart Sensor is second to none, with results given to the nearest decimal. Data is collected at one-minute intervals, giving an almost live result. Paired with the WIFI Gateway, results can be checked whilst beyond the standard 100m range for peace of mind whilst out and about.


Simple To Set Up

The SensorPush is simple to set up. The small device can sit within the wine cabinet without the necessity to move bottles around. The location will have a slight effect on the results, i.e. if located at the back of a wine cabinet, humidity readings may be slightly higher due to condensation. Analysis is pushed to the app for easy to understand, yet informative graphs and figures.


Set Alert Ranges

The app allows alert ranges to be set, so you can know when there’s a problem without having to constantly check the results. Being aware of major fluctuations in both temperature and humidity in good time can avoid any long-term exposure of the wine to the incorrect elements.


For great results, pair with Transtherm

The figures may be accurate, but are they the required result? The SmartSensor will give a true reflection of the storage conditions. For a reliable and efficient wine cabinet, we always recommend Transtherm by EuroCave. Transtherm are renowned for the technology within, bringing together the four criteria required for optimal wine preservation: temperature control, adapted humidity, natural ventilation, absence of vibration.

Together, the SensorPush Package and Transtherm make a great team for optimum storage of your wine collection.

As an alternative to the SensorPush package, the Smart Sensor is available as an individual item for monitoring up to 100m from your wine storage. 

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