The wine glass market is a fair old size, with numerous brands and thousands of options. For the everyday glass, there’s plenty to choose from; but it’s the range at Tanglewood but offers something a little bit different…

 Zieher, instead of making a glass for specific wines has decided to make a glass for characters. It’s common knowledge that many different wines can have different distinctive properties year on year, so why not have a glass for style instead.

‘Filigree craftsmanship meets innovative design’

The wine glass is manufactured using lead-free crystalline glass. Each glass is hand blown within one of the world’s best glass blowing workshops, guaranteeing perfection within every glass. The design of each glass has been done so to enhance the aromas of the wine, whilst allowing the wine to develop at a specific rate for maximum enjoyment. With this in mind, how do you know which glass is the best option for your pallet?  Use our summary to decipher which is the best option to gain the most from your wine collection. We have selected our recommendations on the Vision range by Zieher, chosen for their ability to meet the needs of a growing wine collection, containing options for both new, and well-aged wines. All notes taken directly from Zieher:


A great all round option - Red and white wines that are defined by grape variety and have a fruity and aromatic presence

The STRAIGHT Glass: In this glass, the characteristics of the wines are harmoniously reproduced one-to-one. The authenticity of the aroma culture of a grape variety is made tangible and presented in an unadulterated manner, which makes this glass particularly suitable for all types of authentic grape varieties such as Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc. Light, aromatic red wines become pure drinking pleasure.

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 For young, fresh White wines, Prosecco or any variety of sparkling and light rose wines.

 The FRESH Glass: Due to the wide opening of this glass, the carbonic acid can gently evaporate in sparkling wines. The nose is not shocked in its aroma perception by a concentration of carbonic acid, as is often the case with the classic sparkling wine glass. The glass confronts the palate with a centralized concentration of flavours, making the wine delightfully lively, refreshing and light. The development of the flavour-carrying, fresh acid structures is promoted and individual bouquet strands are reproduced in a focused manner.

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For young and middle-aged Bordeaux wines, powerful or acidic whites and reds.

The INTENSE Glass: Due to the tapering chimney, the aroma molecules are intensified in this glass and literally thrown out of the glass. The acidity is harmoniously integrated into the fruit body and completes the opulent overall feeling of power. The glass ensures intensive oxidation and is therefore ideal for all wines that can be decanted or carafed.

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White & Red Burgundy and other complex yet sensitive wines or old vintage champagne

 The BALANCED Glass: A perfect XXL wine glass for all wines that you don't want to decant due to their sensitive structure, but that still need a lot of air. Pure unison emanates from this crystal. It is even able to reproduce wines that are inharmonious in a concentrated and at the same time extremely elegant manner. This large wine glass turns wines into an aromatic overall experience without overwhelming them.

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