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Avintage / Climadiff Wine Cabinets

Avinatge Wine CabinetsClimadiff Wine Cabinets

Founded in 1997 Climadiff have been at the forefront of wine cabinet design and innovation. With its founders close association with one of the rare crus classes in the 'Cotes de Provence' Climadiff has an exceptional knowledge and understanding of the world of wine.

Now part of the Frio Enterprise group and with an extensive range of wine cabinets, Climadiff have a major share in the wine cabinet market and export to over 30 countries worldwide.

Now in our 10th year of being an importer and distributor, we have an extensive knowledge of their products and are proud to continue offering these to the UK market. We continue to offer a large range which includes Climadiff, Avintage and Diva Evolution, all which come under the Climadiff umbrella.

We focus mainly on the European manufactured cabinets and specialise in medium to large capacity models which are well built, energy efficient and reliable. One specific feature of the European models is the ambient operating temperature of 0° to +32° and winter system which allows wine cabinets to be kept in garages or outbuildings, a real benefit if space is at a premium in the house.

Climadiff wine cabinets are stored and delivered from our UK warehouse and warranties include full parts and labour cover.

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