Lehmann Glassware

Gerard Lehmann has 30 years of glassmaking experience and has created numerous collections of oenological glasses, drawing extensively on the knowledge of experts and professionals from the world of wine. His partners now include 'Gerard Basset' OBE & the World’s Best Sommelier in 2010, 'Union des Oenologues de France' and 'Philippe Jamesse' the Sommelier at the 'Domaine Les Crayeres.

Between them and with their combined expertise & knowledge they have designed some of the best collections of wine glasses to suit all the needs of the wine lover.

If you have tasted Champagne in one of the houses in Reims or Epernay then you will almost certainly have experienced the Lehmann glasses before, in particular the 'Opale' glass.

These lead- free crystal glasses have high brilliance and transparency, high breakage resistance, high sonority, high elasticity and are beautifully light to hold.

A range of mouth blown glasses are also available, offering a transparent and reflection free bowl and incomparable rim thinness.

We offer you 11 different ranges of the most beautifully designed glasses and you will find it hard to beat the incredible value for money these high quality glasses provide.

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