Liebherr Wine Cabinets

Liebherr Wine Cabinets

Liebherr is a family owned company, originally founded in South Germany by Hans Liebherr in 1949. 

Tanglewood enjoys a 21-year trading history with Liebherr having developed a great relationship with the staff at their UK head office in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. As such we have the expertise and knowledge to guide you with your wine cabinet, wine cooler or wine rack choice.

Their three ranges Vinothek, GrandCru and Vinidor wine cabinets will suit most applications from small under-worktop situations to built-in column and free-standing models, all with varying bottle capacities.

The single temperature wine cabinets are designed for long-term storage, the multi-temperature wine cabinets deliver all wines at serving temperature, and the zoned cabinets provide the flexibility to store wines at serving temperature or a combination of storage and serving.

Liebherr are the market leaders in wine cabinets, renowned for their superior design and build quality, energy efficiency and reliability. We have a selection of the Liebherr range in our showroom for you to come and explore - you won't be disappointed as the wine cabinets are what we have come to expect from German appliances. 

Give us a call (01932 348720) or email us to find out more - we'd love to welcome you at our showroom. 

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