Wine Rooms

Tanglewood is more than a wine accessories platform. Made-up of ex- Sommeliers and hospitality professionals, Tanglewood’s expertise have come from the forefront of the trade. Working front of house, we understand the vital importance of an efficient and well organised cellar. Location, atmosphere and layout are all key. By understanding such requirements, we are well equipped to find your solution. Such is the same for the home, as keen collectors, we understand where and how best to store collections opposed to wine ready for the weekend ahead. 
Our sole drive is to offer a solution to wine storage by listening and working with clients, finding their unique solution. We understand the importance of storing wine correctly. Whether that ‘correct’ method is for wines at a ready to drink temperature or for the long term storage of ageing wine, our solutions are tailored to the specific needs. 
By listening and understanding how clients buy and drink wine, we are able to build wine spaces using our exclusive and recommended products and services.



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