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Decanting Cradle
Decanting Cradle

Decanting Cradle

Tanglewood Wine Accessories

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The only way to decant your Vintage Port, clarets and other fine wines with a heavy sediment, the decanting cradle allows you to pour slowly and steadily into a decanter or glass with minimum disturbance.

Finely engineered with a hardwood Oak base, the cradle has an adjustable neck support that makes it adaptable to different shapes of 75cl. bottles. The crank handle mechanism will tip the bottle as gradually as you require.

The candle can be swivelled to either side of the bottle neck in order to show the sediment clearly when it approaches.

The cradle would also make a wonderful gift for anyone serious about their wines.

Approximate dimensions: 30cm wide x 26cm high x 18cm deep

Includes instructions on how to use.