Wine Case Racks

If you prefer to store your bottles in their cases, either for personal consumption or to keep them in perfect condition to sell on as an investment, case racks are available. They are an ideal storage solution as it avoids stacking them on top of each other and the smooth sliding shelves make it easier to gain access to each case with minimum disturbance.

Each case rack holds two standard cases which pull out on runners, one at lower level just above the base and one in the centre. There is a stop on the shelf runner to enable you to pull the case forward approximately three quaters of the way out and then the case can be lifted from the shelf.

Typically we design the case racks on the lower level just below worktop height to make access easier and for safety/lifting purposes. You can however rack higher but please bear in mind the weight of a case of wine when lifting it from a greater height.

These redwood case racks are supplied fully assembled and are available in natural and 4 alternative stains to match our other storage solutions.

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