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Wine Cellar Air Conditioning

We supply cellar conditioning systems to meet all your requirements.

Wine Cellar Air Conditioning units are designed to control the temperature in your wine cellar, between 10°C-14°C. This is the ideal temperature in which to age your wine in perfect conditions.

Not many households in the U.K. have a genuine wine cellar and all good wines whether White, Red or Champagne should be stored at a constant cellar temperature as stated above.

You can build your own wine cellar if you have:

  •     A spare room in your house
  •     Space in a large room
  •     An area in your garage

We have a variety of systems for cellars/rooms from 12-100 cubic metres. The type and style of unit we propose will depend on the location of the cellar/room and whether the installation is through an internal or external wall. We also have bespoke split systems, typically for underground/basement cellars where installation into an adjoining room is not possible.

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