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Eurocave are one of the most recognisable, well established wine cabinet producers on the market. They are renowned for their high-quality products, offering a stable storage environment for both ageing and ready to drink wines. Eurocave already have some great options for wine storage out there, including the Showcave and Transtherm products. Each range is unique in their offering, style and price tag. The latest, more economical range by Eurocave is Artevino wine cabinet.

Artevino by Eurocave

The Artevino wine cabinet is the latest edition to the Eurocave range. It offers a more economical option, with a more simplistic design. Although an Artevino fridge does not encompass all elements found in more advanced models, the fridge still provides all the necessities for ageing wines.

Ageing Wines

Ageing wines correctly is not an easy task. Improper storage can result in oxidisation, spoiling the wine, ruining both the taste, and value. Such errors are usually not identifiable until said bottle is opened, spoiling the moment. Artevino is designed solely for the ageing of wine. This means conditions within the fridge are designed to mimic that of a natural cellar. Offering stable temperature and humidity conditions whilst offering a dark place to house the collection.

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For the ageing of wine, stability is key and often hard to achieve. Artevino has both a heating and cooling mechanism, designed to kick in to ensure the rooms ambient temperature does not interfere with the fridge’s interior conditions. Such vital features are not usually common within many wine fridges, yet alongside aluminium walls, such fantastic elements are implemented into Eurocave’s most basic range. Many wine fridges do not have such elements because for the majority, they are located within the home, mainly the kitchen. Ageing wines do not require such ease of access, thus having the ability to be naturally ventilated and keep stable within enables the fridge to be placed in locations such as garages or outhouses.

Constant Temperature

The constant, reliable temperature is aided by the aluminium lining. Such insulation helps to keep temperatures stable, whilst being economical to run. With the addition of the natural venting system, the wine cabinets air is constantly renewed.


Humidity is of high importance for those wanting to preserve not only the contents of the bottle, but also the aesthetics of it. Having the right humidity of 65%-80% helps the corks to stay moist, whils the labels will stay intact, not drying out and peeling.

Anti- Vibration Compressor

The anti-vibration slow-cycles compressor reduces the vibration within the wine cabinets. Created with the aid of silentblocs and high-density polyurethane foam.

Protection against UK rays

The glass front of the Cosy and other models are double pan reinforced with argon gas. The glass door filters up to 97% of UV ray.

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The Cosy by Artevino

The Cosy by Artevino offers suitable under the counter storage. The ergonomic design allows maximum storage whilst being compact. With a capacity to hold up to 52 Bordeaux bottles within a single temperature, stable conditioned space, the Cosy is a great option for those requiring wine ageing within a smaller space. For those looking for a space to store their collection, without the requirement of an air-conditioned space, the Cosy is a great option, either as a stand-alone wine fridge, or integrated into a non-conditioned wine room.

To discover the most suitable wine fridge for your requirements, discuss your options with the Tanglewood team. There isn’t a lot we don’t know about wine cabinets!


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