Bespoke Wine Cellar Conditioning Systems

Perfectly Stored Wine

You’ll want your wine collection not only to look good, but ensure it’s stored correctly at the right temperature and humidity too. Tanglewood Wines wine cellar climate control technology is designed to fit within the fabric of your construction. Our systems use either air or water-cooling combined with heating and humidity options. Plus, you can check in on your wine wherever you are in the world and make sure optimum conditions are being maintained.

Check-in on your wine remotely

Wherever you are in the world, Tanglewood Wines Remote Climate Monitoring system will give you the peace of mind that your wine is being correctly stored. Using a network that feeds information to a remote cloud, you can log-in remotely and immediately see the climate of your wine room. Alerts are sent to you via email and SMS to let you know when critical levels are being reached. Be safe in the knowledge your wine is being looked after when you are away.

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