At Tanglewood, we recognise the importance of the correct aging conditions in nurturing wines to maturity. We are delighted to present our exclusive range of air conditioning units tailored to meet your wine storage requirements.



Understanding the intricacies of wine maturation, we exceed beyond the capabilities of standard air conditioning units to develop systems specifically tailored for wine cellars. Standard air conditioning systems, while effective for typical climate control, fall short in addressing the specific requirements essential for the proper aging of wine.

At Tanglewood and our sister company Sorrells, we meticulously modify and enhance our temperature control systems to precisely meet your unique needs. Our skilled engineers adjust critical components and recalibrate the technology to deliver consistent and gentle cooling.

This customisation ensures that each air conditioning system maintains the stable environment essential for the optimal maturation of your prized wines, transforming any space into a sanctuary where your wine collection can flourish to its needs.


Engineered with precision, our temperature control units are engineered to uphold the crucial temperature balance necessary for wine preservation. Whether your collection resides in a cosy home cellar or an expansive commercial display, our systems provide unmatched climate control. By customising standard models, we ensure they operate at the optimal conditions for long-term wine storage.


Through our fully customised service, we seamlessly integrate the functionality of temperature control units within our meticulously crafted wine rack joinery. These discreet yet powerful units are designed to complement the craftsmanship of our wine racks, achieving a harmonious balance between form and function.


We leverage state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our air conditioning units lead the way in efficiency and reliability. Equipped with intelligent temperature management, our units dynamically adjust to external conditions, guaranteeing a stable environment for your wines, irrespective of external temperature fluctuations.