Basement Wine Wall, Malvern

Having a wine cellar within your home is very wine enthusiasts dream. This Oak wine cellar was created in an unused cellar within the home. The room was separated into two sections, with two purposes. One section being for the storage and display of the collection, with an air conditioned unit to control and create the optimum temperature for storage. The second room within the Oak wine cellar hosted a Transtherm wine cabinet for ideal storage for those requiring a cooler atmosphere, offering ready to drink wines. To finish the space off, a tasting table takes centre stage, offering the perfect hosting space for the home owner and his guests.

Location: Woking, Surrey

Date: 2020

Capacity: Approx 450 bottles

Cost: Approx £36,000 + VAT

Materials: American Oak

Wine Cellar Conditioning: Bespoke temperature control system with digital controller and a Transtherm wine cabinet.