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Copy of Wine Rooms

We offer a comprehensive design and installation service backed by years of experience in handling and storing wine.

About us

Designed by us.

Made by us.

Installed by us.

What is a Wine Room you ask? Isn’t it just a Wine Cellar? Through breakthroughs in technology we are able to re-create the conditions of a traditional underground cellar environment to produce ‘Wine Cellars’ in any space within the property. In fact, many of our projects take place above ground, with more clients turning to glass fronted Wine spaces, in prominent positions within the home.

We would start our discussions about your project with an understanding of your wine collection, and how you intend to use the space.

We would then arrange to visit your property to conduct a site survey and produce a concept design for the space.

Following this we can make any alterations that you may desire, and once you have decided to proceed, we would arrange a final measurement to ensure no mistakes.

Once all the designs and measurements are complete the productions starts followed by the fit out.