Inovo Vinho Wine Storage Racks

Inovo-Vinho is the latest addition from the producers of our Vinicase & Vinicase Professional wine racking range.

It is manufactured from single aggregate Comblanchien French stone. The finish is very rustic with a ‘bush hammered’ (by hand) surface.

Comblanchien is a quarry a few miles from Nuits-Saint-Georges which is recognized throughout the world for its limestone. The limestone is reconstituted using sand by moulding.

It is a simple concept with only 4 different components which are very easy to install.


  • Elegant, timeless design, used by many wine producers in France
  • Easy to design and easy to install
  • Only 4 different components
  • Only one depth 300mm Stability of temperature & humidity
  • Very stable & robust
  • Durable & maintenance free

Inovo Vinho Wine Storage Racking system can be tailored to suit your wine storage requirements.
For more details, expert guidance and costing options please call us on

01932 348 720


The racking comprises of only 4 elements as indicated on the diagram below. All dimensions and weights are shown on the price list.

  • Bottom plate/shelf either 56cm wide (Bordeaux shaped bottles) or 60cm (Burgundy) by 5cm height.
  • Exterior wall 7 cm wide
  • Interior wall 14 cm wide
  • Arch 56cm wide (Bordeaux shaped bottles) or 60cm (Burgundy) by 10 cm height


Price list

Component Dimensions
W x D x H (cm)
Bottom plate/shelf 56
56 x 30 x 5
Bottom plate/shelf 60
60 x 30 x 5
Exterior wall
7 x 30 x 30
Interior wall
14 x 30 x 30
Arch 56
56 x 30 x 10
Arch 60
60 x 30 x 10
Retail Prices are Inclusive of VAT and delivery to the UK*


Please call us on 01932 348720 to place your order.

Payment terms

We will require a 50% deposit with order and the balance prior to onward delivery of the wine racking to your property.

Lead times

Approximately 3 weeks from receipt of order

*Please note: As stated prices include delivery into the UK but not to your property. Onward delivery costs are calculated on the number of pallets required for your order and where you are located in the country.

The weight per pallet is approximately 700kg’s



Some of the elements are very heavy and installation will typically require 2 people.

We can provide an installation service if your property is located within a reasonable distance from our office in Surrey :- Please contact us if you would like a quotation.

When assembling we recommend using an adhesive or mastic between the joints of the extreme side uprights/walls to provide perfect stability.

We will provide adequate adhesive for that purpose with your racking order.

Access and distance to the cellar/racking location are very important and we may have to conduct a site survey in order to give an accurate quote in certain circumstances

Important Notes

The floor/area where the racking is to be installed/assembled must be level prior to installation and also be capable of bearing the weight of the racks.

You must have adequate room/space for the pallets to be stored upon delivery and also good access for the delivery vehicle which is typically a 7.5 ton truck but can be larger.

The specification of Inovo Vinho may be modified without notice.