Integrated Wine Storage with Sub-Zero

Sub Zero wine fridge

Built For Your Space

Sub-Zero offer ‘satellite’ wine storage. Gain access to your collection, no matter the location with Sub-Zero. With either a freestanding or integrated model, the wine units can be placed within any room, offering design and storage flexibility. The integrated model is designed to sit flush with any surrounding cabinetry, offering a smooth, neat finish. With many models having no visible hinges, the overall ‘look’ of the wine unit is sharp. Integrated wine storage gives a final impression of a wine cabinet that is simply ‘built for the space’, whether that be within the kitchen, wine room or any other space, the wine units are built to offer a streamlined look.

Include Sub-Zero Into Your Interior Designs

sub zero wine fridge

Many integrated wine units by Sub-Zero offer multiple temperature storage at the optimum storage conditions. For interior designers, or those redesigning their living space, consider a Sub-Zero wine cabinet integrated storage. Where as many wine fridges are stand alone, with fixed dimensions to fit into a regular cabinet space, the Sub-Zero integrated wine units go the extra mile to disguise ventilation and hinges, giving a smooth, minimal, yet bold finish.

Tanglewood work closely with developers, house builders and interior designers to not only include wine refrigeration into a property development plan, but to do so with ease. Working alongside those within the trade, we are able to aid and help with the initial process of deciding on the correct location for wine storage. By integrating wine storage at the early stages of a development process, a feature can be built into the design, creating a bespoke area, in-keeping with the surrounding decor.