Made to measure Traditional Wine Racks

These ‘classic’ wooden racks are constructed from best quality Redwood blocks from renewable sources and 18-gauge bright-galvanised steel strips. At Tanglewood, we offer a made to measure service with Traditional Wine Racks. Wooden standard wine bottle storage racks can be made to specific measurements easily thanks to the ability to manufacture to custom dimensions. 
Great for:
High capacity storage
Unusual dimensions
Specific spaces
What's required for a quote...

1. Measurements for the space: In addition to the measurements for the space, also consider access to the final resting place.

2. The desired depth size:
Standard  228mm single bottle storage (the bottle neck protrudes out)
Single      300mm single bottle storage (whole bottle inside the rack)

3. The delivery address

Collate all points and note in the below contact form. We will respond with your custom quote for approval.  

Use this helpful sheet to calculate the capacity and required measurements, click here to view.