STACT at Tanglewood

Designed in San Francisco, the modern, OptiView™ patented design offers those with an interest in both wine and design, the option to have sleek, minimalistic wine storage. The simplistic designs of STACT enable the bottle to become the forefront of attention and the innovative patented design ensure that the view of the label is never blocked by the prongs of which the bottle lays.

STACT comes in various ‘tiles’ each tile is of the same size, with differing display styles, colours and finishes. With 16 premium finishes, unique racking can be created from small single tile displays, to large wine walls. Such a design enables the end user to ultimately design their own custom wine display.

STACT proudly claim to be ‘the pioneers of modern wine storage’, of which hasn’t gone unnoticed by acclaimed interior professionals, globally. STACT products have featured within many a well-regarded article such as the New York Times as a ‘must-have’ for their products.


The Cork Facing C-type

C-type STACT panels are designed to let the bottle sit at a 90-degree angle to the toile. With patented OptiView™ technology optimal label visibility is created, allowing all bottles to be recognized at a glance. Each C-type panel 9 bottles but will carry 12 when arranged side-by-side.

Label Facing L-type

Both the C-type and L-type are available as a ‘Premier’ or ‘Pro’ model. Both styles offer the same capacity and size, with slight design alterations. Every model is created from aircraft-grade Aluminium, anodized for a clean finish.


The backbone of the STACT wine rack system is designed to securely connect to each other and attach directly to the wall. Panels are hung from the wall brackets - using no tools - simply slip them into position. Measuring and installing the brackets is easy, offering maximum stability with minimal labor. Create a custom wine wall easily with STACT.

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