STACT Premier Wine Box, Wimbledon

When approached with a brief for a contemporary wine room for a newly renovated home in Wimbledon, we were thrilled with the project. Using alternative materials and products is always a welcome change, especially when using products such as STACT Premier wine racks. STACT is a superb product, consisting of various display tiles, enabling the user to produce custom designs on the wall. The patent brackets allow the bottle to become the focal point, with minimal obstruction. The STACT wall tiles are simple to install, offering an elegant, stylish display space. We were able to supply the below project in just 2 days. The end result,  storage of a very reasonable amount of bottles, in a stunning display, for similar prices to a high end Wine fridge.

In addition to incorporating STACT Premier Wine Racks into a Tanglewood wine room design, the product is also suitable for self construction, available on our website, here.

Location: Wimbledon, London

Capacity: Approx 250 bottles

Price Range: Approx £12,500 + VAT


STACT Premier Wine Racks in Blackout
2x4 battening
LED lighting
Bespoke single pane, frameless glass doors and glass panels.

Wine Cellar Conditioning: n/a for this project.