Sub-Zero, An Interior Feature

Sub-Zero wine refridgeration

Create An Interior Feature

Standalone, Sub-Zero offer a range of fantastic products, all known worldwide, and rightly so. With such a strong image, many choose to utilise not only the functional qualities of their refrigeration, but also aesthetics by using the product as an interior feature within the room.  For others, Sub-Zero offers superb qualities for wine preservation, making it an excellent choice for incorporating into a wine room design.

Sub-Zero, as a brand are renowned for the aesthetics of their products. The classic chrome, large stance of the models is recognisable by any interior design enthusiast. Sub-Zero certainly does not go unnoticed within the room. Wine storage should not be boring, the contents within it is not. Create a showpiece within the room with Sub-Zero wine storage.

It's Not All About Residential

Sub-Zero is popular with both residential and commercial spaces. The large stance and bold design of a Sub-Zero wine storage unit makes it a great option for restaurants and hotels alike. With the option for a large capacity and multiple temperature controllable areas, Sub-Zero could be an option for 'ready-to-drink' bottles.

Sub-Zero wine storage unit

The capacity can hold up to approximately 140 bottles, within a temperature controlled environment. With the addition of UV protection glass and sliding shelving, Sub-Zero wine storage units offer the capacity for commercial requirements and the storage for a valuable collection.

Sub-Zero wine cabinets offer both aesthetically pleasing and practical purposes, offering an all round suitable product for those wanting an interior feature.

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