The Wine Space, Saffron Waldon

When considering a wine room, a vast space isn't a necessity. This compact wine room in Saffron Waldon is a superb example of utilising space to maximise storage. The storage room was transformed into a 200 bottle, temperature controlled Wine Room to store the homeowners excellent Wine collection.

The client requested Tanglewood to create a compact space for suitable wine storage. The storage needed to both fulfil the capacity requirements and do so within the correct environment for ideal storage. A double glaze, frosted door not only looks fantastic, with an element of hidden wonder behind it, but is also critical to the storage within. Argon filled and hardwood framed, the space inside is able to hold conditions at an optimum level.

The space has a wide range of storage elements from standard bottle holes to angled displays, cubed areas for mass storage and shelving for original cases. We have also included some glass shelving for large format bottles or glassware/accessories. The worktop dividing the bottom and top sections naturally creates a tasting area for the client to test some of his bottles before enjoying them with friends and family.

We love this compact wine room project as it shows our ingenuity to create remarkable spaces in the most unlikely of locations. If unsure of where to store a wine collection, discuss your options with us. We have innovative ideas and clear designs to make the most out of the smallest of spaces.

Location: Saffron Walden, Essex

Date: 2019

Capacity: Approx 200 bottles

Price Range: Approx £25,000 + VAT

Materials: Natural, oiled American Oak, LED lighting, bespoke double glazed and argon filled Glass door

Wine Cellar Conditioning: Bespoke temperature control unit with digital controller