Vinicase Price List

Price List
(Weights matter as they affect onward delivery charges)
Description Item Price
Inclusive of VAT
weight per
AB Bottom corner right £77.00 45 Kg
ABC Bottom corner right small £63.00 42 Kg
EB Bottom plate £55.00 20 Kg
ME Right side wall £55.00 24 Kg
MEC Right side wall - small £45.00 16 Kg
VA Low bin £84.00 45 Kg
VB High bin £120.00 65 Kg
VC Small bin £61.00 33 Kg
DVC Double small bin £129.00 50 Kg
PR Display 7 Bottles £129.00 42 Kg
TA Shelf £20.00 8 Kg
CA Cover plate £7.00 1 Kg
GA Low Gate £214.00 4 Kg
GB High gate £248.00 8 Kg
P-et label Holder £8.00
P-bout Bottle Holder £19.00
In addition to the calculation above, we need to add onward delivery costs to your property. Delivery costs are based on the number of pallets to be delivered with each pallet taking approximately 550Kg's of Vinicase modules.